Steel Still Offers Savings

Steel buildings are being widely recognized as a leading form of construction for people who are interested in saving money on energy costs in addition to sparing the natural resources that are present in the environment. From large-scale projects to small installments on home properties, steel buildings offer low costs for construction and many more options when it comes to efficiency and durability. Using steel as your primary building material is extremely beneficial both upfront and over the entire lifespan of any given building. The options that are available for building with steel are also not the same as they were even ten years ago. Since World War II, the types of metals that are available from the steel industry have continually advanced.

The Numbers Speak

Steel is becoming a vastly popular option for buildings with all kinds of applications. Schools, hospitals, churches, and airports are embracing the possibilities in efficiency and savings that comes with choosing steel. The days in which this material was reserved for warehouses and industrial applications only are long behind us. Steel frames and metal roofing have numerous advantages. The numbers reflect the growing use of steel dramatically. To date, 40 percent of non-residential, low-rise buildings are constructed using primarily steel as the main building material.

No Design Limits

Designers love the possibilities that come in working with steel. A huge range of architectural possibilities come with embracing steel. It is flexible and versatile, being able to incorporate a huge variety of other materials in its design. Custom designs and pre-engineered formats are all part of the reason that steel is such a popular choice for builders.

Cost Efficiency

There are a huge number of ways that steel saves money in both construction and in environmental respects once projects are complete. The fact that steel reflects heat so well allows a business to maintain internal temperatures without the heavy use of cooling systems. Their durability has also been proven to stand the test of time. Steel roofing, frames, and buildings last for decades. Additionally, advances in metallic coatings are giving them even longer lifespans and allowing them to retain temperatures with even greater efficiency. These types of coatings include aluminum zinc alloys.

Steel Still Offers Savings

Constructing a Better World

Companies save money with steel when it comes to evaluating the length of time that it takes to complete a project as well. According to most studies, metal buildings are constructed 30 percent faster than the average building using other types of construction materials. From a purely economic standpoint, steel is the most reasonable choice as well. The price of raw steel has been steadily decreasing over recent years. Recycled steel is also widely available, allowing builders to take advantage of local resources and lessen their total impact on the environment with each and every project that they undertake. Due to the fact that commercial buildings account for nearly 18 percent of energy usage in the United States, any method that one can embrace to lessen this impact is better for communities all over the world.