Steel Buildings Provide Green Solutions For The Environment

Buildings made of solid steel or mostly steel are some of the most green buildings to be found anywhere today. Some buildings also feature the use of recycled materials in their construction. The good thing is that once users are finished using these steel buildings, many of the buildings are completely recyclable, which also helps our environment.

Those wishing to have a positive impact on the environment by leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible love the fact that they can use steel buildings to do this. To find the best all steel, solidly constructed buildings that are also ecologically beneficial, it is important to look for one of several certifications.

Steel Buildings Provide Green Solutions For The Environment

The Most Common Green Building Certification Organizations

In the United States today, there are several organizations that will certify a building to be a green building. One such organization gives a certification known as a LEED certification. This stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. To be awarded this certification, certain criteria must be met including:

– Proof that the building gives users energy savings

– Proof that there is a standard of water efficiency in the building

– Air environmental quality must be higher than that of traditional structures

– CO2 emissions must be reduced within the building

When all these conditions are met, the building can then be LEED certified. This national program sets the standard for the construction, design of and operation of buildings that are labeled as green buildings.

Another entity that provides certification to structures verifying that they are green is known as Green Globes. This certification is awarded by the Green Building Initiative. There are also guidelines in place known as the Federal Sustainable Building Principles to make sure that buildings adhere to green ideology and principles.

Other Contributors To A Green Building

Steel buildings make a lot of sense when people are trying to do what is best for the environment. Other factors that contribute to a building being labeled a green building include:

– Metal roofs – roofing that reflects the sun’s rays away from the building, helping to cut costs of air conditioning a building. Heat that is dispersed in this way can lower the use of energy by the building by as much as 40 percent during the highest volume energy consumption times, saving owners money and conserving valuable resources

– Use of recycled materials in construction – benefits the environment by reusing materials instead of using all newly manufactured materials

– Solar systems – solar energy used to help create electricity for a building can help the environment as well

People Working Together Can Have A Positive Environmental Impact

It is up to every person to help the environment we all share. One great way to do this is by featuring the use of more green buildings and by taking advantage of modern green energy production methods. Creating a more Eco-friendly future for the world is the biggest benefit that will be enjoyed now and by future generations.