5 Reasons to Choose Steel Fixing & Fixers as Your Residential Construction Material

Wondering what a steel frame building is? What if someone tells you that they want to buy a house with a steel frame? If you don’t know the benefits of steel as a residential construction material, you might have already assumed that the person needs to see a psychiatrist. A Steel Fixing Melbourne Company claim steel is a very efficient material whenever it comes to using it as a construction material. Although the popularity of steel framed houses is not much, here are some advantages regarding its use in the construction procedures:

1. Freedom of Design:

If you compare living in a steel frame house to living in a box, you are so wrong. Steel as a building material offers the architects much more freedom to design in terms of color, texture as well as the shape. The ability of steel to bend to certain shapes and the strength combined with the durability definitely sets it apart. Also, the chances of the design varying on-site are minimal as the outcome product is factory-finished under highly controlled conditions.

2. Quick and Efficient:

One of the most important features of a steel framed house is that it can be assembled together very quickly no matter what the season might be. The fact that the components are manufactured off site makes it quite easy and way quicker to assemble. For building steel houses at harsh conditions, steel can be very efficient as it often has very few contact points with the surface thereby reducing the amount of excavation required.

5 Reasons to Choose Steel as Your Residential Construction Material

3. Increased Fire Resistance:

Research has showed that the structural steel work provides the building with added security to the fire. The advancements in fire-proofing methods make the house almost invincible towards fire and related issues.

4. Recyclability:

Imagine living in a house which is eco-friendly as well as fancier than you have always wanted. Not only  the steel frames can be turned into the most amazing shapes giving the house a unique look, the procedure can also be repeated  multiple times considering that steel can be recycled endless number of times. Yeah, you heard that right! When a steel framed building gets demolished, nothing made of steel gets wasted and is definitely saving the natural resources from being exhausted at a greater rate.

5. Better Earthquake Resistance:

The houses and other structures made of steel are very light compared to their concrete equivalents and require less extensive foundations. The lighter materials make the house much more efficient in handling natural calamities such as an Earthquake which is totally unpredictable in terms of magnitude and location.

The steel frames are definitely preferred in such situations because of the flexibility and tensile strength of the material. If the building material flexes rather than crumbling under extreme situations, it is indeed the best option to bank upon. Although most of the houses have beam-to-beam connections designed to support gravity loads, they are considerably efficient in tackling lateral loads caused by wind and earthquakes too.

Steel framed buildings have definitely become the choice for the smart people. There are numerous reasons to have faith in the steel structures too. Steel structures will indeed prove to be the future of construction in the decades to come .  for more information.